Aries Rail offer a wide range of rail shunting equipment from small rechargeable electric shunters to road licensable vehicles with 5000t shunting capacity.

The range of shunters is available with a compressed air system that allows full control of the train braking system from the driver’s position. All Aries Rail shunters are compliant with Australian Standards including the recently published AS7502:2016 Road Rail Vehicles standard.

Prime Mover – Up to 5000t shunting capacity

The largest rail shunter in the Aries Rail range is a road licensable truck with a shunting capacity of 5000t. Built on an 8×6 truck chassis with high-torque automatic transmission, the vehicle is able to shunt in both directions using front and rear couplers.

The vehicle may be licensed for road travel if required.

Mercedes Benz Unimog – Up to 1200t shunting capacity

Aries Rail are proud to work directly with Mercedes Benz to provide an officially imported Unimog fitted with a hyrail conversion that is engineered and manufactured in Australia, fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Unlike un-official “parallel” or “grey” imports, Aries Rail can supply a vehicle that may be easily road licensed without expensive second stage manufacture processes and retains the full Mercedes Benz warranty. Australian based technical support and training for the vehicle and hyrail equipment is provided by Aries Rail in partnership with Mercedes Benz Australia. Even with all of these advantages, the Aries Rail Unimog shunter is highly competitive against unofficial imports.

Equipped with a number of factory fitted options that make it a very capable rail shunter, the Unimog has been popular in Europe for many years and is now available with fully AS compliant hyrail for the first time, through Aries Rail.

The Unimog may be licensed for road travel if required.

Colmar Diesel Shunter – Up to 2100t Capacity