Elevated Work Platforms

Aries Rail offer a range of rail EWP incorporating Aries Hyrail equipment and compliant with Australian Standards AS7502 and AS1418

The range of elevated work platforms includes:

  • Self-propelled rail EWP with class leading 400kg basket capacity.
  • Truck mounted scissor lifts with rotating and extending platforms.
  • Under-bridge and below ground inspection units.
  • Hybrid crane / EWP units.

Available for use on all Australian rail gauges, machines within the range of hyrail elevated work platforms may be design registered to comply with the regulatory requirements of WorkSafe and WorkCover.

Importantly, by constructing the whole road rail vehicle including EWP and hyrail, Aries Rail are able to ensure that all elements of the machine work together seamlessly and that the hyrail is able to withstand the loads applied by the EWP. Only by doing this is it possible to attain mandatory design registration of the rail EWP.

Truck Mounted Work Platforms

Truck mounted scissor lifts are available for 6×4 road rail vehicles and offer a large working area with rotating and optional extendable platform. This is the biggest rail EWP in the road rail vehicle range.

  • Capacity up to 1350kg
  • 180 degree rotation (+/-90 degrees)
  • Optional extendable work area
  • 5.6m height above truck chassis
  • 3.5m x 7.5m platform area

Boom type work platforms are also available for a range of road rail trucks and light vehicles. Depending on the application and truck to which the platform is mounted, the following may be achieved:

  • Capacity up to 400kg
  • 360 degree basket rotation on many models
  • Optional fly-boom
  • Up to 10m reach
  • Below ground-level operation

Stability of boom type EWPs on-rail is dictated by track gauge, track geometry and the size of the carrying vehicle. Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.

Aries Hyrail truck mounted scissor type elevated work platform

Neotec Sky 400 – Boom Type Self Propelled Road-Rail EWP

Developed with full support of the Manitou factory in France and now available in Australia through Aries Rail, the Neotec self-propelled work platform offers a class leading basket capacity of 400kg in the rotating basket.

The Sky 400 has been manufactured by Neotec for several years and it has become one of the most popular machines catenerary maintenance in Europe. Many companies run large fleets of Sky 400 machines which have demonstrated many years of safe and reliable operation.

  • 16m working height
  • 8.5m outreach
  • 2300mm x 930mm basket
  • 3 person / 400kg basket capacity
  • Four-Wheel-Drive
  • 6km/h work speed
  • 16km/h travel speed
  • Two driven rail axles
  • Two braked rail axles
Aries Hyrail self propelled EWP

Scissor Type Self Propelled Rail EWP

The Neotec “Elan” machine is fitted with multiple work platform, the versatile machine allows easy access to all parts of the overhead infrastructure. Crawler tracks allow for easy off-tracking and travel from the transport vehicle.

  • Two braked rail axles with hydrostatic drive
  • 2.5km/h off-rail speed with two driven tracks
  • Up to 200mm cant (Standard gauge)
  • Up to 40% gradient
  • 8.5km/h working speed
  • 20km/h travel speed

Scissor Platform

  • 8.2m working height
  • 3.45m outreach
  • 2500mm x 1200mm platform area
  • 3 person / 350kg capacity


  • 11.25m working height
  • 3.95m outreach
  • 985mm x 790mm basket
  • 1 person / 200kg capacity
  • 90 degree basket rotation

The Elan is used widely in Europe and is now available in Australia through Aries Rail, fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Overhead maintenance platform
Aries hyrail overhead maintenance platform
Unimog Rail EWP

Mercedes Unimog Rail EWP

Aries Rail are proud to work directly with Mercedes Benz to provide an approved road rail vehicle that is engineered and manufactured in Australia, fully compliant with Australian Standards.

The Unimog is a very capable vehicle both on road and rail. Shown here with a boom type EWP it may also be fitted with a scissor lift.

The Unimog may be equipped with a factory fitted hydrostatic drive system with remote control to drive from the EWP whilst on-rail

Unlike un-official “parallel” or “grey” Unimog imports, Aries Rail can supply a vehicle that may be easily road licensed without expensive second stage manufacture processes and retains the full Mercedes Benz Unimog warranty. Australian based technical support and training for the Unimog, hyrail and shunting equipment is provided by Aries Rail in partnership with Mercedes Benz Australia. Even with all of these advantages, the Aries Rail Unimog shunter is highly competitive against unofficial imports.