Hyrail Options

Road-rail brakes

In order to ensure compliance with all relevant AS and international standards, Aries Rail are able to offer a series of options on almost every type of hyrail or road-rail vehicle.

Rail Wheel Braking

Aries Hyrail was the first hyrail manufacturer in Australia to produce a road-rail vehicle fail-safe brake with spring applied, hydraulic release calliper. Since the introduction of this original spring applied hyrail brake many years ago, other manufacturers have developed similar systems based on Aries Hyrail methodology.

Rail wheel braking can be one of the most important safety features on a road-rail or hyrail vehicle. Aries Rail offers multiple braking options including:

  • Automatic braking systems.
  • Spring applied, hydraulic release brakes.
  • Park brakes.
  • Hydraulic Service brakes.
  • Customised braking solutions for existing machines such as Pettibone Speed Swing

The Aries Rail Automatic Braking System

The revolutionary automatic braking system has been designed to prevent uncontrolled movement of road-rail vehicles when operating on-rail.

Working with the Aries Hyrail vehicle control system or as a stand-alone braking solution, the automatic brake prevents the vehicle getting to a condition where an uncontrolled movement could occur. If a roll-away were to begin, the brakes will quickly and safely bring the vehicle to a halt.

At the heart of the system is a rugged solid state control unit developed by Aries Rail that includes a self-monitoring battery backup which, is used to apply the brakes if the vehicle battery fails.

Custom-made brake pads have been specially designed to maintain compatibility with train detection systems and provide excellent on-rail braking.

The brake calliper body was originally developed for the automotive industry and is tried and tested with over 15 million manufactured to-date.

By monitoring the status of the vehicle and the actions of the driver, the brakes can be applied automatically in a number of situations including:

  • When the vehicle battery fails.
  • When a cabin door is opened.
  • When the engine is switched off.
  • When the vehicle park brake is applied.
  • When the vigilance driver monitoring system is activated.
  • During road-rail transitions.


Compare the Automatic Brake with Traditional Systems


The automatic braking system is available as an option on Aries Hyrail vehicles and also as a stand-alone system for installation onto existing vehicles.

Download the PDF specification sheet here

Hyrail Suspension

The hyrail suspension system ensures the road-rail vehicle remains safely on-rail at all times, complies with relevant AS and international standards and offers increased levels of driver comfort.

Aries Hyrail vehicles are available with several different types of hyrail suspension:

  • Rubber torsion axles.
  • Self-levelling air suspension.
  • Self-levelling fully active hydraulic suspension with load-share and stability lock-out functions.
Aries Hyrail rail wheels

Driver Safety and Monitoring

Driver monitoring and safety systems not only provide reassurance when operating in remote areas, they are often required by infrastructure owners and regulatory bodies before a vehicle is allowed to operate on rail.

The driver monitoring and safety systems available on Aries Hyrail vehicles are part of the Hyrail Control System with options that include:

  • Vigilance driver monitoring allowing the vehicle to be safely stopped if the driver becomes incapacitated for any reason.
  • Remote access data logging and vehicle monitoring.
  • Remote vehicle shut-down.
  • Accident event recording.


Warning Devices

A number of warning devices can be fitted to the vehicle and switched either automatically or manually. Air horns operated through the vehicle’s standard horn button can be activated automatically when on-rail. Amber beacons and headlight may also be switched on automatically when the vehicle makes the transition from road to rail.

Road-rail vehicle safety options

Vehicle Mounted Equipment

Drawing on strong working relationships with many other Australian and International manufacturers, Aries Rail are able to offer a wide variety of other options including:

  • Under-bridge inspection units.
  • Elevated work platforms.
  • Roll-over-protection-systems (ROPS).
  • Light and heavy vehicle body construction including custom trays, tippers and tankers.
  • Weed spraying and fire fighting equipment.
  • Stability legs and outriggers.
  • Vehicle mounted cranes.
Hyrail weed spraying

Hyrail Control System

The Aries Hyrail control system has been designed to make operation of the hyrail system as simple as possible whilst ensuring safe and reliable operation. Tough and durable components make it suitable for the rigorous operating conditions found anywhere in Australia.
At the heart of the Aries Hyrail control system is a tough solid state controller. By using an automotive standard CANBUS protocol, it is able to securely communicate with all parts of the system through greatly simplified wiring.
The CANBUS controller and screen are water, dust and vibration resistant. They’re able to withstand extreme temperatures making them ideal for use in even the tough Australian climate.
CANBUS control system

Control System Features

The Aries Hyrail control system allows for easy installation of of number of important safety features on any vehicle including:
  • Front and rear hyrail control with safety interlocks.
  • Hyrail brake control.
  • Vigilance driver monitoring.


Multiple cameras can be connected to the screen, eliminating the need for a stand alone reverse camera system.
The Aries Hyrail control system is easily expandable and can include other advanced features such as:
  • On-rail odometer and hour meter.
  • Service reminders.
  • Control of auxiliary systems such as rail clamps and stability legs.
  • Automatic lights and on-rail directional lighting.
  • On-rail speed limiting.
  • Data logging and remote vehicle monitoring.
  • Multiple camera views.
  • Integration with the vehicle on-board computer systems.

How the Control System Works

The use of automotive standard CANBUS technology greatly simplifies the wiring installation whilst increasing flexibility and reliability. The system can easily interface with many in-vehicle systems to allow functions such as on-rail speed limiting, truck PTO control, engine speed control and vehicle monitoring.


The system is easily adapted to suit many applications. Control of other systems such as spray booms, lighting and stability legs can be achieved easily through the control system interface, eliminating the need to install additional switches in the vehicle.
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