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Welcome To Aries Rail

Road-Rail Vehicles have been manufactured under the Aries Hyrail brand for over 40 years with a large range of conversions available to suit almost any vehicle and application. Aries Rail’s headquarters is located in Perth, Australia and provides design, engineering and manufacturing solutions within the rail industry.

A second facility is located in Melbourne, providing installation of Aries Hyrail equipment along with workshop and on-site Hyrail vehicle servicing and certification.

As sales and support agents in Australia and New Zealand for several industry leading brands including Holland Co. Neotec and Colmar Aries Rail can supply an unrivaled range of road rail vehicles from light vehicles and trucks to excavators, elevated work platforms and mobile flashbutt welders.

Aries Hyrail Road Rail Vehicles

Aries Hyrail conversions for road rail vehicles have been available for over 40 yrs with a range or vehicles to suit every application. Over that period the Aries Hyrail brand has become synonymous with high quality, well engineered road rail vehicle conversions. Hyrail conversions are also known as hi-rail / hi rail or road-rail vehicles (RRV).

Aries Rail are able to convert almost any vehicle into a road rail vehicle for use on narrow (1067mm), standard (1435mm) or broad gauge (1600mm) rail.

Aries Hyrail conversions are available for :

  • Light Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Excavators
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Shunting Vehicles
  • Elevated Work Platforms

Aries Hyrail conversions are proudly manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.

All Products & Services

In addition to Aries Hyrail road-rail vehicles, Aries Rail supply and support a range of products from industry leading manufacturers including Colmar, Neotec and Holland Co.