Colmar Rail Products

Ballast Wagon


Aries Rail are the official sales and support agent for Colmar rail products in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to Colmar’s range of dedicated road-rail excavators, Aries Rail are the official distributor for the complete range of Colmar products for rail construction and maintenance.

The Colmar range includes a large number of products to cater for all requirements during construction or maintenance of railway lines. The product range includes:


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Ballast brooms for road-rail excavators
A range of ballast brooms are available to suite all rail gauges and compliment the range of Colmar road-rail excavators.

The Colmar ballast broom is suitable for use with a range of road-rail excavators, not only Colmar products.

Tamping Head

The Colmar TU03 tamping head features patented adjustable vibration technology allowing the speed and strength of vibration to be varied either automatically or manually.

Rail Joiner System

Colmar rail joiner system to allow rapid discharge of rail from a moving train. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations the joiners allow the train to be stacked with multiple lengths of rail which, may then be removed efficiently without stopping.