Engineering Design & Project Management

Through the Aries Rail’s Engineering department, a wide range of engineering and project management services are available including:

  • Engineering Design
  • Computer Simulation
  • Project Management

With experienced engineers who are familiar with many rail industry standards and requirements, not just road-rail vehicles, Aries Rail are able to deal with a broad range of projects.


Offering a complete engineering design service, our experienced and qualified engineering team is able to offer:
  • Design Verification
  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
Design & Engineering
Certified Vehicle Modifications
  • Body design
  • Subframe design
  • Chassis modifications
  • 3D CAD design
  • 2D Detailed drawings
  • Photorealistic computer generated images
  • Animation
Commercial product and on-site photography.
Design & Engineering

An Engineered Approach
A range of different simulation tools and approaches are available, chosen according to the nature of the requirement. Among these we use SolidWorks 3D CAD including all available options for analysis, simulation and design. With these tools we can provide accurate analyses in a wide range of scenarios, fully integrated into the wider design environment.

Our software allows us to import/export a wide range of file formats from any leading CAD package.

Empirical calculations and other techniques are utilised to ensure any computer generated results are verified.

Project Management:
Aries Rail have the resources and necessary experience to be the primary contractor on any vehicle build. Working in this way provides numerous advantages, including:
  • Providing one point of contact for all enquiries and build progress updates.
  • Ensuring that all equipment fitted to the vehicle is safe for use on rail.
  • Elimination of errors caused by different vendors working independently.
  • Integrated electrical and hydraulic systems, reducing the build time and maintenance requirements.
Design & Engineering

Ensuring safe Operation On-Rail
Working in a rail environment is often very different to the road environment that many contractors will be familiar with. Safety requirements, working practices and regulations imposed by infrastructure owners or other bodies often disallow practices which would be acceptable on road. Likewise vehicle stability may be significantly reduced when operating on rail.

  • By acting as the primary contractor on a hyrail vehicle build, Aries Rail are able to ensure that:
  • The vehicle complies will all current regulations.
  • The vehicle is designed to comply with forthcoming regulations which are often unknown to those outside the hyrail industry.
  • Hyrail suspension units and vehicle tyres are not overloaded when on-rail.
  • Equipment fitted to the vehicle will be accepted into the Australian rail network.
  • Static and dynamic loads transferred into the rail do not exceed acceptable limits.
Iveco Daily with Aries Hyrail road-rail vehicle conversion for standard gauge rail

Our Philosophy
We pride ourselves in offering not only the highest level of technical expertise and computational capability, but also a pragmatic, project-oriented approach. Our customers can be assured that the solution to any given requirement will be both appropriate and cost effective.

Design For Manufacture
Our engineering team have a wide range of experience including one-off high value projects, medium volume batch production and high volume overseas manufacture. Each of these options brings a unique set of opportunities which Aries Rail can help you manage.

Experience in all levels of manufacture ensures that your design can be produced either by us or your chosen partner with confidence that it will function as expected and go together first time, every time.