Neotec Road-Rail and EWP Products

Aries Rail are the official distributor of Neotec rail products in Australia and New Zealand.  With 26 years experience, Neotec is now present on three continents with a range of products that have become renowned for high quality, class leading performance and superior reliability.

From their production facilities in France and Canada Neotec have the capacity to build 100 road-rail vehicles per year.

The Neotec range includes:

  • Dedicated catenary machines
  • Modular work platforms and truck bodies
  • Road-rail vehicles
  • Hydrostatic drive rail axles
  • Electric and hybrid drive rail axles
  • Wire drum modules and carriers

Working directly with base machine manufacturers, Neotec have developed a range of road-rail conversions that are fully approved by the OEM ensuring warranties and safety systems are not compromised.

Neotec have developed OEM approved road-rail conversions for machine manufactured by:

  • Manitou
  • Haulotte
  • Volvo

Neotec quality is assured through ISO9001 certification.

Dedicated Catenary Maintenance Equipment

This range has been developed to provide safe working-at-height access to all parts of the railway catenary network. In addition to the proven Neotec railway axles providing safe, controllable on-track operation they’re equipped with a crawler undercarriage for safe on and off-tracking almost anywhere.

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Modular Work Platforms and Truck Bodies

Modular bodies are available for 6×4 and 8×4 vehicles and offer a range of equipment types and sizes. The range of modular equipment includes:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Boom type elevated work platforms
  • Cranes
  • Wire drum carriers
  • Contact masts
  • Piking devices

For further details on the work platform modules visit our Elevated Work Platform page.

Road-Rail Elevated Work Platforms

The Neotec range of Road-Rail Vehicles includes some of the most advanced self-propelled elevated work platforms in the world. Developed in conjunction with Manitou and Haoultte the OEM approved hyrail conversions are available for narrow, standard and broad gauge rail. Machines in the range include:

  • High basket capacities up to 400kg with basket load monitoring and safety systems.
  • Class leading reach and working height.
  • Rail wheel brakes.
  • Complaint with AS7502:2016 Road-Rail Vehicles standard.

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Hydrostatic and Hybrid Drive Hyrail Vehicle Axles and Bogies

Neotec’s experience as a hydrostatic drive axle manufacturer allows the company to design and manufacture some of the most reliable high performance rail axles in the world. Currently there are over one thousand Neotec rail axles in service around the world.

Now available fitted to Aries Hyrail vehicles, Neotec axles allow big trucks to on-track at very narrow crossings and to travel on all rail gauges.

The range of hydrostatic drive axles includes:

  • Capacities up to 32 tons
  • On-rail travel speeds up to 75km/h
  • Configurations able to negotiate tight rail curves down to fifteen meter radius

Neotec electric and hybrid drive rail axles have capacities up to 25 tons and travel speeds up to 65km/h

For more information on the range of Aries Hyrail trucks that may be fitted with Neotec drive axles, visit our heavy vehicles page.