Neotec SkyRailer Road-Rail EWP

Class Leading Reach, Capacity and Safety

With a 360 degree basket capacity of 400kg available throughout the operating envelope, the SkyRailer 400RR provides a safe and stable elevated work platform for up to four people. SkyRailer 400RR offers that full basket capacity throughout an incredible working envelope of 8.5m outreach and 16.4m working height, all whilst operating on a 200mm cant.

As the only Manitou hi-rail EWP to have factory approval for every modification, SkyRailer 400RR is fully compliant with all Australian Standards and Legal requirements.

Nationwide Design Registration and a comprehensive rail registration package developed by Aries Rail allows for easy rail certification and registration on any Australian Rail network.

On-Rail Performance

With two driven and braked rail axles, SkyRailer 400RR has a maximum on-rail speed on 16km/h.

The dedicated rail wheel service brake system features a skid and slip reduction system designed to bring the machine safely to a stop at all times. Once stopped the fail-safe rail wheel park brakes are applied and will easily hold the machine on any rail grade in Australia.

Off-Rail Performance

With four wheel drive, four wheel steering and three steering modes, the off-rail performance of the Manitou 160ATJ+ is in no way compromised by the installation of the Manitou factory approved road-rail equipment.

Able to negotiate almost any ground conditions and climb steep gradients, it can easily move around a work site.


With 360 degree rotation and able to reach the 16.4m maximum working height in under 40 seconds, SkyRailer 400RR allows the operator perform up to four operations simultaneously and reach anywhere in the working envelope quickly and efficiently.

Once work is complete, the unique electronic return-home function allows the operator to safely rotate the turret back to the home position from anywhere in the 360° slew envelope.

Reach for the sky

Designed in conjunction with the Manitou factory, SkyRailer is perfectly suited to operation on rail.

  • Large basket with 400kg capacity
  • 360 degree rotation
  • 400kg at 8.5m outreach whilst on 200mm cant (increases to 8.9m on level track)
  • 16.4m working height
  • +/- 90 degree basket rotation
  • 16km/h on-rail travel speed
  • Dedicated rail wheel service brakes
  • Dedicated fail-safe rail wheel park brakes

SkyRailer is compliant with all relevant Australian Standards including:

  • AS7502
  • AS1418
  • Nationwide Design Registration covering use on road and rail