Our engineers have been testing the latest vehicle in the Land Cruiser hyrail range. The narrow gauge road-rail vehicle has been extensively re-designed to incorporate an air bag compatible protection bar, automatic axle locks and on this particular vehicle, directional lighting for use on-rail.

The use of automatic axle locks, more commonly found on heavy road-rail vehicles results is a significant reduction in body lift height when on rail, whilst still achieving an 80mm clearance between the front road tyres and the rail head.

This particular vehicle features directional lighting which provides white lights at the leading end and red lights at the trailing end whilst on-rail. When the vehicle is parked, red brake lights are illuminated at both ends of the vehicle to warn approaching traffic that is it stationary.

Braking on-rail is provided the the Aries Rail automatic braking system fitted to the front rail wheels.

The unique geometry of the front rail guidance system means that it is self-locking in the on-road position and does not require the use of supplementary chains or locking pins to hold it in position, even with the hydraulic hoses disconnected. Additionally it can lift itself up onto rail when the rail is over 200mm above the road.

Toyota Land Cruiser with Aries Hyrail road-rail vehicle conversion for narrow gauge rail