Colmar T10000 Road-Rail Loader

The Colmar T10000 is one of the largest road-rail loaders in the range and it has one of the largest on-rail lifting capacities in the world when compared to other road-rail loaders and excavators.

The lifting capacity and exceptional hydraulic system performance make the T10000 ideal for on-rail crane and piling applications that would not be possible using a traditional converted excavator.

Colmar have manufactured over 2000 road-rail loaders over 30 years and are the number one manufacturer in Italy and the UK where several contracting companies operate large fleets of road-rail machines.

The T10000 is, like all of the road-rail loaders in the range, compliant with the requirements of AS7502:2016

T10000 Models

There are variations of the T10000, two with rubber tyres and one with tracks.

The two rubber tyred machines are very similar with the main differences being in the performance of the hydraulic system. For piling or undercutting applications, the T10000HS offers more engine power and significantly increased flow rate.

The tracked T10000FSC has similar operational performance but with increased stability off-rail and the ability to travel on unstable or soft terrain.

The lifting capacity of all T10000 machines is world-class with a maximum lifting capacity of 11,300kg and 360° on-rail lifting capacity of 2,600kg for rubber tyred machines and a maximum of 15,000kg with 360° full reach capacity of 4500kg for the tracked version.

The machines are well suited for general lifting work and other duties that would normally require the use of a road-rail crane.

The standard T1000 has a reach of over 7m but that can be easily extended using an attachment. The on-board electronic load management system will take care of on-rail stability and may be programmed to include virtual walls, slew and height restrictions etc.

The T10000 features an extendable counterweight which may be deployed either manually or automatically as required. The electronic load management system monitors the position of the counterweight and determines the maximum lifting capacity accordingly.

Through this intelligent operation, the T10000 is able to perform many road-rail crane operations in addition to piling and undercutting with ease.

Safety Systems

The T10000 includes a number of important safety features and is compliant with the AS7502:2016 Road-Rail Vehicles standard.

  • GKD Rated Capacity Indicator
  • Boom Height Limiting
  • Virtual Wall Slew Limiting
  • Emergency Stops
  • Vigilance System
  • Emergency recovery system (Including hyrail retract and boom/slew movement)

The high lifting capacity of the T10000 makes it suitable for many on-rail crane operations.

The tracked T10000FSC is capable to travelling to site on-rail before negotiating difficult terrain when it arrives. This UK based machine was used in the recovery of a locomotive which, had derailed. The T10000 was used to lift parts of the loco including heavy engines and bogies up a 400m temporary roadway that was constructed to facilitate locomotive disassembly and recovery.