Rail Trailers

The Aries Rail trailer range includes flat top trailers up to 20t capacity with the following features as standard on many models:

  • Minimum design life of ten years.
  • Gauge convertible to allow operation on narrow, standard or broad gauge rail.
  • Deck size up to 6m x 2.4m.
  • Options for pivoting axle or spring suspension to allow compliance with twist-test requirements.
  • Insulated rail wheels.
  • Service and park brake system able to meet brake performance requirements in any load condition from empty to 20t.
  • Ringfeder or pintle hook connection at one or both ends.
  • Directional lighting.
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Lifting lugs rated to the fully-laden trailer weight.
  • Certified drawbar.

As with all Aries Rail products, the rail trailer is supplied with a comprehensive engineering report (over 150 pages), operators manual and maintenance manual. This level of engineering far exceeds that on any similar product currently available in the Australian market and provides confidence with a design life in excess of ten years.


Available options include:

  • Pivot axle or independent coil spring suspension.
  • Container locks.
  • Lashing rings and rope rails.
  • Access ramps.
  • Coupling at both ends.
  • In-floor storage bin.
  • Corner posts and hand rails.
  • Air or hydraulic brake system.

Complete Solutions

As Australia’s leading road-rail vehicle manufacturer, Aries Rail can supply the trailer with the hauling vehicle, tested and certified as a combination. Hauling vehicles may include heavy vehicles, excavators and loaders.