Road-Rail Vehicles

Road-Rail Vehicles have carried the Aries Hyrail name for over 40 yrs with a range of vehicles to suit every application. Road Rail vehicles are also known as “hi-rail”  or “hyrail” vehicles and regardless of the name used, are all based on the same principle – A normally road-going or off-road vehicle has been converted into a Road Rail Vehicle to also run on railway lines.

The Aries Hyrail brand has been synonymous with high quality road rail vehicle conversions for several decades.

Hyrail conversions are available for a wide range of vehicle sizes from light vehicles and heavy trucks and excavators and cranes. Aries Rail are able to convert almost any vehicle for use on narrow (1067mm), standard (1435mm) or broad gauge (1600mm) rail.

All Aries Hyrail road rail vehicles are designed and engineered to a high standard, many of them include innovate features such as:

  • Independently tested airbag compatible design.
  • Active suspension systems.
  • CANBUS systems with touch screen controls.
  • Automatic braking systems.