360° Road-Rail Crane

The Colmar T10000FSCG is a dedicated 360° road-rail crane featuring a telescopic inverted boom allowing it to operate in confined spaces which would be otherwise inaccessible to a conventional road-rail crane.

On-Rail lifting capacity up to 15T

The T10000FSCG is a dedicated crane based on the popular T10000 road-rail loader and able to operate on road or rail through 360°

Colmar have manufactured over 2000 road-rail loaders over 30 years and are the number one manufacturer in Italy and the UK where several contracting companies operate large fleets of road-rail machines.

The road-rail crane is, like all of the road-rail loaders in the range, compliant with the requirements of AS7502:2016

Safety Systems

The T10000 includes a number of important safety features and is compliant with the AS7502:2016 Road-Rail Vehicles standard.

  • Rated Capacity Indicator
  • Boom Height Limiting
  • Virtual Wall Slew Limiting
  • Emergency Stops
  • Vigilance System
  • Emergency recovery system (Including hyrail retract and boom/slew movement)