Aries Rail is excited to showcase and introduce the new NEOTEC SKY C14 crawler to the Australian railway industry. The new SKY C14 is a concentrate of innovation in the MEWP genre and features a custom boom specially designed to work around the OHL without restriction.

☑️ Triple gauge – 1067mm (narrow) – 1435mm (standard) – 1600mm (broad).
☑️ Maximum payload in the basket – 400kg.
☑️ Maximum working heigjht – 14 metres.
☑️ Maximum working outreach – 8 metres.
☑️ Superior off rail capability and enable the machine to crawler track travel soft.ballast and rugged terrain up to 45° on stabe ground.
☑️ Ability to “jump” track by retracting the rail axles and move to the adjacent rail line or climb across multiple lines.
☑️ Greater flexibility to access track without the need for a crossing saving cost and time.
☑️ Remote control operated when on crawler track to ensure operator safety.
☑️ Independent slew of crawler tracks, rail axle carriage and turret.
☑️ NEOTEC OEM designed boom with shorter primary section which enables to unfold without conflict to the OLE and allow greater operating envelope on rail.
☑️ 100% NEOTEC designed, which enables complete optimisation of the drive system.

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