Aries Rail are pleased to announce the launch of their automatic braking system for hyrail / road-rail vehicles.

The result of an intensive 12 month development process, the automatic brake system is a revolutionary way of braking rail wheels on hyrail or road-rail vehicles.

The system utilises a rugged electronic control unit that has an array of self-test functions – It can even apply the brakes in the event of a main vehicle battery failure.

The brake pads have been specially designed for a rail environment ensuring compatibility with train detection systems whilst providing excellent brake performance.

By combining the park brake with an ABS compatible hydraulic service brake, the system provides unparalleled levels of safety and braking performance for almost any hyrail or road-rail vehicle.

The system is available either as an option on any new-build or as a stand-alone system for installation on an exiting vehicle.

For more details see the hyrail options page.