Our engineers conducted a series of empty and full load brake testing as well as factory acceptance testing on a new Isuzu FYH fitted with Aries Hyrail equipment, Palfinger crane and Aries Rail 20T trailer.

Equipped with a Palfinger crane

☑️ 30,000kg on-rail GVM
☑️ Variable rate coil spring rear suspension, unique to Aries Rail.
☑️ Dual gauge hyrail enabling it to run on either standard or broad gauge rail
☑️ Compliant with AS7502:2016, MTM and TfNSW RSU700 series
☑️ Rail trailer tow points and brake connections at both ends, allowing it to easily tow an Aries Rail trailer

Compliant with MTM and TfNSW RSU700 series

☑️ Dual gauge enabling run on either standard or broad gauge rail
☑️ 20,000 kg payload
☑️ Unique independent coil spring suspension allows it to pass a twist test in any load condition, even when unevenly loaded
☑️ Unique construction method reduces weight and increases payload
☑️ Independent service brakes and spring applied park brakes on all 4 rail wheels
☑️ ISO 20’ container locks
☑️ Stanchion receptacles
☑️ Two in-deck toolboxes
☑️ Directional lighting

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