Introducing SkyRailer 400RR

As the official sales and support agent for all Neotec rail products in Australia and New Zealand, Aries Rail are proud to introduce the SkyRailer 400RR. The machine has been developed in conjunction with Manitou and every modification is verified and approved by Manitou.

With many companies operating large SkyRailer fleets in Europe, the machine has a proven track record of highly capable and reliable operation in a rail environment.

Fully Compliant with Australian Standards

Delivered with Design Registration for use on and off rail, the SkyRailer 400 is fully compliant with Australian Standards AS1418.10 and AS7502 along with network specific standards throughout Australia and New Zealand.

SkyRailer 400 is available in narrow, standard and broad gauge.

Top of The Class

When operating on standard or broad gauge rail, the SkyRailer 400 offers a class leading basket capacity of 400kg throughout the entire working envelope and can operate up to a maximum 200mm cant on-rail.

Off-Rail Performance

With 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, the SkyRailer 400 can climb grades up to 25% with ease allowing it to on-track from the most difficult access roads.

Ground Level Access

Easy ground-level access to emergency controls and routine maintenance items ensures safety for those in the basket and around the machine at all times.

Further Information

For more information, check out the EWP page